Adding storage to deployed machine

My setup:

MaaS 2.5.2 with physical machines deployed to a juju model and then enlisted back into the same MaaS as pods. I did it this way because it was deployed pre-2.5.

I have noticed disk performance issues on a specific pod and in an effort to fix that, I’d like to add some SSD drives to the machine. I have physically done that, but now I get to the MaaS part and outside of tear it all down and rebuild it, I’m not sure how I can get this hardware in use on the machines. I’m ok with adding a replacement VM and then nuking the old one at a time to use the new drives, but nuking it all at once would be painful. I think that step one would be to get MaaS to see the storage on the physical machine. Then I would need a way to compose machines from the pod using those drives.

I’m stuck at step one and can’t find documentation that would help. Does anyone have pointers for me?

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I just added storage to a box (non-VM) and had to nuke it and redeploy because I did not know a better way. I am also interested in this thread. Thanks for asking.


Agreed after machines move to a deployed state, the machine configuration is written in stone.
I think it’s pretty important to be able to add additional storage devices and create volumes (or span them for that matter - lvm layout) after machine has been deployed.
Another thing I would like to be able to do is add additional network interfaces to composed machines after deployment for things like iscsi storage networks or backup networks, that kind of thing


I think we definitely need a solution for this. For big JBODs and other storage chassis, this part of the MaaS system is woefully inadequate. Every time I want MaaS to be able to tell me how many disks I have, where they’re mounted, or what their health is, I have to decommission that machine? That simply doesn’t work for those of us with permanent data on drives.

Or maybe this is just a documentation issue? Am I missing the documentation for the process of keeping the machine’s configuration while adding disks and commissioning the machine to get it to recognize, format, and mount the new disks?


@jonathanhatch, i’m moving this post to the “Features” category for now, FYI.

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