Adding of subnet under the rack controller


I want to share one challenge that I have and i don’t know how to fix :slight_smile:

I am trying to add new subnet under the rack controller because i want to enable DHCP on that VLAN and Subnet but without success.

I create new fabric, and VLAN and Subnet dedicated to VLAN but the field for subrack controller is not assigned.

I add in ubuntu netplan for new VLAN and for subnet.

Thanks in advance,

@filnik, can you share a bit more information?

  1. which version of MAAS

  2. a screenshot of your “Subnet” screen.

  3. a listing from your netplan file.

there might be more questions after that, but we’d at least need that to get started.


thanks for reply. I decide to change a design of setup so this topic is not active any more :slight_smile:

Thanks anyhow.