Adding MAAS key names


We are trying to get some basic understanding of how to manage juju API keys in MAAS.

This is problematic as we have no means of more easily reference these keys. Since the API keys are mapped primarily to a “user”, using the MAAS username as reference is not sufficient, since the user can have many keys and you might not at the time know which key to revoke for that user.

Does it make sense to add an additional, free text, identifier (key name) to a MAAS API key which would make more sense knowing which juju environment its associated with.

I’ve attached an edited screenshot to illustrate with I mean.

Hi Erik!

Yes, that’s an excellent idea. In fact, if you use the API, you’ll see that the keys actually have names already, and that you can set the name when creating a key.

It makes sense to surface that in the UI as well. There is a bug filed for this already:

I’ve retargeted it to our next release, to see whether it can get enough priority to be fixed until then.

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Hello Björn!

Nice to see you are working on MAAS (I guess?!) - We should meet up soon!

Also, you should know that we are using it at Scania HPC! I can give you a tour here if you like to get input!