Adding LXD VM hosts with the MAAS CLI


I am trying to create a MAAS PoC and I am strugging to add my MAAS host via the cli. If I run:

ubuntu@maas-poc:~$ maas admin vm-hosts create type=lxd power_address=$(ip -o -4 a | grep en | awk '{print $4}' | cut -d "/" -f1):8443 power_pass=ubuntu name=local-lxd project="sandboxing" pool=default

I get the error:

Failed talking to pod: Pod None: Certificate is not trusted and no password was given.

Despite using my PoC machines super secure password you see above. If I enter the same information into the MAAS UI, it will work, and even subsequent CLI/API calls will work AFTER adding the host and deleting it from the MAAS UI.

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obviously, this has to do with the certificate process. when you use the UI, you probably do the certificate step, am i right?

hey @billwear, so when I do it in the UI there is no certificate exchange, at least not exposed to me as the user.

It will just accept my password, then ask me what project I wish to use,

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hmm. that sounds different from what i expected.

potentially I can try doing the exchange with the CLI first and see if that resolves my issue

sure, you can give that a try, but i’m not giving up on this. this should be a straightforward procedure (it might be, in fact), but it certainly isn’t properly documented.

thnx for that @billwear I took a second look at the docs, even they seem to suggest this isn’t currently possible. I couldn’t find anything about inserting the certificate there either. Maybe it is UI only at the moment?

that might be the case, but that seems wonky to me. i’m going to ask someone more knowledgeable today and see what i can figure out.

Just closing this one up. Using power_pass will cause a failure. The correct argument to use is password.

Thanks for the help. @billwear