Adding a secondary PXE subnet in same vlan

Is it possible to add another subnet in the same VLAN besides original small subnet that MAAS already uses for PXE booting? I can’t make original subnet bigger and I’m trying to avoid migration to a new larger subnet as that means reprovisioning of all machines. Two subnets would perhaps mess with DHCP that MAAS controls for PXE booting, as both subnets are in the same broadcast domain?

I don’t want to put this new subnet into separate VLAN, as I would then have to choose up front which servers would PXE boot from a new and which from the old PXE VLAN/subnet.

Any ideas?

I expect that will work just fine. It is how IPv4 and IPv6 are run on the same vlan after all.

You will find that the DHCP for enlisting and commissioning won’t respect subnets, but they don’t need to. You have to explicitly configure a subnet when deploying, so your machines will always end up on the right subnet.