Add the "Mark broken" error description message to the machines list output

Hi team,

when marking a machine broken, the user can add a custom error description:


This message is displayed under the machine status on the Web UI:


But it’s unavailable in the maas $PROFILE machines read output. To get that message, a query to the events API is required:

maas $PROFILE events query id=<systemid> level=DEBUG | jq -r '([.events[] | select(.type == "User marking node broken") | [.created, .description]])[0] | @tsv'

It would be a nice feature to have that listed in the machines endpoint, as it can be easily used by custom tools to display that info. And it looks like a better place to be looked at than the events log.

Could you please evaluate this?


Hi @jasimioni ,

We store the comment provided by the user in the maasserver_node table in the error_description column, but we are not including it in the HTTP machine list response.

I suspect this is a regression, could you please open a bug on LP?

Thank you so much!

Hi @r00ta, sure. I’ve opened LP#2049661 [1]

[1] Bug #2049661 ""Mark broken” error description message not shown ... : Bugs : MAAS