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I’m trying to define in maas3.3/dhcp static entries for my management network (ipmi, dell@idrac, and so on) for which the commissioning is not possible, but although I use “commission=false deployed=true”, the nodes are defined with commissioning in pending state (displayed in UI).

maas admin machines create architecture=amd64 mac_addresses=<mac_address> hostname= power_type=manual commission=false deployed=true

I also tried to disable the auto-commissioning (maas admin maas set-config name=enlist_commissioning value=false), but no change.

Is there any option to completely disable the commissioning or cancel the pending state?

Thank you

Hi @mdc-dmunteanu, you can enlist existing machines according to this doc

Ho @r00ta, thanks for the reply. The indicated link (plus maas admin machines create --help ) is exactly what I used for enlisting the machines, but I cannot find any way to disable the commissioning for the newly added nodes.

According to the displayed help, commission=false should disable the commissioning, but this is not happening.

 :param commission: Optional.  Request
the newly created machine to be created with status set to
COMMISSIONING. Machines will wait for COMMISSIONING results and not
time out. **Machines created by administrators will be commissioned**
**unless set to false**.

Any idea ?

Hi @mdc-dmunteanu

I guess you are talking about the following behaviour, when after adding machine like this:
maas admin machines create architecture=amd64 mac_addresses=cafebabe0001 hostname=foo commissioning=false deployed=true

You see your machine in status “Deployed”

But there commissioning scripts are in the “Pending” state and you expect them to be either “Skipped” or not be there at all?

Hi @troyanov ,

that’s exactly the scenario I was talking about. My concern is mostly this: is the pending state something displayed by the UI as a result of the missing hw info? Or there are also some other tasks scheduled in the background waiting to be finished once a commission process is performed - and, at the same time, consuming resources?


Yes, thats the reason.
You can add an already deployed machine, but in this case MAAS won’t know anything about machine hardware and the only thing you can do via MAAS is power management.

These pending commissioning scripts are just rows in the database. There are no background jobs or anything else that might consume resources.

They are in a pending state, because it is possible to provide this information to MAAS later, by manually starting hardware-sync service.

So the idea is that you can take this service template and run containing logic manually on an already deployed machine

I agree that commissioning option is a bit misleading and we need to improve API description.

Morning @troyanov. Thank you for clarifying this. Very useful information. You’re the best. Dan

Hi @mdc-dmunteanu

I just realised that we have this documented, it has a bit more explanation there which steps are needed.

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