Add machines without re-imaging?

We’re looking at MaaS for our bare metal server environment to replace old skool kickstart scripts. Is it possible to “enroll” (I think is the correct term) a machine into MaaS without re-imaging it? So that MaaS allows it to boot as normal?

As of right now, we have thousands of bare metal servers and re-imaging them all is the goal, but not possible. We can’t leave MaaS on because any machine rebooted (for say a crash or other update) will end up in a holding pattern with MaaS. So I’d like to find a way to add them to MaaS (even if it requires we go in and click things manually), so it’ll let the existing servers boot properly.

Yes. If you add the server as a “Device”, MAAS will ignore it when it tries to PXE boot and allow it to boot as normal.