Add MAAS agent on each host to synchronize network (and other) settings


It would be great if MAAS could deploy an agent on each machine as a way of coordinating changes after a machine has been deployed. For example:

A customer wishes to move a VLAN from one bond to another, without redeploying the machine. An operator could either:

  1. SSH into the host and move the VLAN manually. In this scenario, a MAAS agent on the host could detect this change, and update MAAS’ internal DB to track this state, which will be reflected in the MAAS UI.

  2. Update the MAAS networking tab for this machine, which the agent would get notified of, and make the change on the machine automatically.

This agent could have other responsibilities as well, for validating bond health, checking and modifying storage, etc. that would make it useful.

Thanks for your time!

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nice. many thanks for reposting this here!

Hi, we have no plans to reconfigure things on the fly for a deployed machine via the MAAS interface (or via CLI) .

However, in 3.2 we are releasing a sync feature that lets you make changes on the machine that will then get reflected in MAAS.