Add KVM Host Locking

Hey there!
I’d like to request that a Locking feature (similar to Machine Locking) be added to the KVM hosts section, so that we could more rigorously prevent KVM hosts from being removed by accident.

Alternatively, or perhaps in addition, MAAS could prevent one from removing a KVM host while it has Virtual Machines Composed. Necessitating a clean up of VMs before removal of the host.

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Would it be possible to have a “reverse-tree” locking system? For example: locking a VM would automatically lock the KVM host that it is in, that in turn would automatically lock the resource pool of the host, and so on.

Definitely this! But also: configurable. There might be use cases to delete the host and all of its VMs at the same time.

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Absolutely! Thank you Heitor!
I love the idea of the reverse locking tree!
If that’s already the way it works, that’s a big win, but I’d still like to see the host locking.

Also I agree with having more configuration options - I can definitely imagine someone wanting to decommission a KVM host without removing a huge number of VMs. Though that shouldn’t be too hard if they could search for just VMs created on a KVM host.

I’ve verified on MAAS 2.9.2 (9165-g.c3e7848d1) that you CAN still remove a KVM host even with a locked and deployed VM. :frowning:

I think that should definitely be a change in MAAS behavior.

Just bumping this, we’d still love to see this feature come to MAAS. :slight_smile: