We have a fully functional MAAS setup. We are trying to add a GPU to MAAS. GPU is getting auto discovered, but we are not sure on how to add it to MAAS. Can someone please guide us on how to add a GPU to MAAS, like power type and other details?
MAAS Version --> 3.2.6
GPU --> Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit

Thanks in advance.

You might make it work with tags:

maas ${MAAS_PROFILE} tags create \
name=gpgpu-jetson-xavier-n-x \
comment="Enable passthrough for Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit GPUs on AMD" \
definition='//node[@id="cpu:0"]/capabilities/capability/@id = "svm" and //node[@id="display"]/vendor[contains(.,"NVIDIA")] and //node[@id="display"]/description[contains(.,"3D")] and //node[@id="display"]/product[contains(.,"Jetson Xavier")]'

I might have the regexes wrong, adjust those as approrpriate.