Add Deployed Machine to a new MAAS

I have a MAAS with 7 machines deployed up and running for one year with version: 2.8.7. The MAAS hosted machine went into bad sector disk issue reently so the file system change to read only mode.

I can only manage to extract the data under /snap/maas/current/etc/maas and /var/snap/maas/common/maas but failed to back up the Postgre maas-test-db…

and I have installed a new ubuntu 20.04 environment with MAAS 2.8.7… seems the files under /snap/maas/currrent/etc/maas and var/snap/maas/common/maas are not enough to recover the maas. Is there a way that I can add back my old deployed machine under old MAAS to my new MAAS within the same network?

I have been searching for a week and tried method like adding the dhcpd.conf host info to dhcpd.conf with MAAS web interface but it does not work.

Hope anyone here can give me some idea. Thanks…

Update version to 3.1 .

@ maristelsk Thanks! Since the old maas disk is broken and therefore the old enlisting node cannot be ssh… the old private key is lost. Is there way to get into the enlisted maas node… I think I did not set any password for the default ubuntu user…

First you have to import new key.

Second commissioning the new machine like this.

Now you can ssh login use ubuntu user and new key.
Third mount sda and replace old key. Delete the old machine which status is Ready and import the new one.

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