Add ability to overwrite DNS search list or defined which domains to be in search list

This isn’t a new request but a re-post of a request dating back a bit under 5 years ago.
Original request:

We have added domains to MAAS and domain resources to MAAS (for this, the purpose was to “hijack” domains so that we could just an on premise mirror, basically make deployments going to go to our own server), and with this deployment as far as software installation and pulling of ephimeral images and whatnot works just fine.

However, MAAS is adding all of these domains to /etc/network/interfaces under dns-search, and is thus adding them to /etc/resolve.conf

the bare-metal nodes do not need to search these domains, it is in itself a DNS nameserver with these entries.

Even in a non on-premise world, I can’t imagine how these domains would need to be added to dns search. MAAS has the ability to add single entries with IP addresses for resolution already.

Somewhat unrelated to this particular feature request, but marking longstanding feature requests as Invalid on Launchpad and asking the initial reporter to log into a completely different system to file it from scratch isn’t a great experience.

I’d have far preferred to see feature requests which are adequately understood and triaged be automatically transferred to the new location and a link posted on the old one.

This should have been pretty easy to implement and would have been more respectful to your users.

That would be great to see that implemented

any workaround until dev’s consider and implement?

Since almost everything uses http/s these days, could you set up an outbound proxy and redirect some requests to your internal servers? I’ve had this on my to-do list for pypi for a long time