Add ability to mass unselect nodes whenever action cannot be applied

Being able to select all systems in a given zone/subnet/etc to perform a given action is great. Unfortunately, it also comes with a big caveat. As soon as an action cannot be applied to one or more of the systems selected, one gets this message:

‘N nodes cannot be . To proceed, update your selection.’

That’s easy to address when there are a handful of nodes. With dozens & hundreds of nodes, it becomes very cumbersome to hunt and unselect nodes which may be either in failed/testing/whatever state that precludes them from being acted upon.

What would be great is to have an option to easily mass unselect nodes that cannot be acted on.


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Hi There,

Thank you for your feedback. This seem like something that UX team should look into.

That said, I would suggest you file a bug report on 1 and attach screenshots of your issue. The bug report should include:

  1. Step-by-step to reproduce the issue.
  2. Expected behavior
  3. Screenshot.

@ananke Do try beta4 :wink: