Add 2nd region controller and remove 1st one

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My MaaS server is broken and I’m not able to deploy anymore, more informations here.

I was wondering if it could be a solution for me to add a second region controller and move services on it and later delete the 1st one ?
Will I be able to make my machines PXE boot on my new controller ? I’m not sure to understand well how region & rack controllers work together.

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DHCP and TFTP (the services that provide PXE booting) run on the Rack Controller. Unless you have a very complex network it’s possible to spin up a new region and rack with minimal configuration changes. as of MAAS 2.5, if you have more than 1 rack controller, all machine/MAAS comminication goes through the rack controllers.

Another more complex method here would be to spin up a new region controller, and attach it to the existing pgsql DB. This largely depends on how you installed MAAS initially, but the scenario you are describing is a similar process to a HA setup. Basically you need to tell pgsql to accept connections from your new region controlller (in pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf) then tell your new region controller where the DB is.

Thank for your answer @seffyroff, I’m gonna try this next week !

There are some good docs on HA setup which will give you hints.

The thing is I already have 40 nodes in my MaaS server already deployed and in production.
If I reinstall a new MaaS server, which seems to be the cleanest way to practice in my case, is there a way I can get back all my servers in it ? Without having to commission it and reinstall them again ?

Thank you !

I’m actually considering this very problem in here.

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