About VM host storage pools (snap/2.9/CLI)

"Storage pools” are storage resources managed by a VM host. A storage pool is a given amount of storage set aside for use by VMs. A pool can be organised into storage volumes, assigned to VMs as individual block devices. More information is available for both libvirt and LXD storage pools.

For LXD VM hosts, each VM can be assigned a single block device from the storage pool.

Retrieve VM host storage pool information with the following command:

maas $PROFILE vm-host read $VM_HOST_ID

or, to get tabular output, try:

maas admin vm-host read 5 \
| jq -r '(["NAME","TYPE","PATH","TOTAL","USED","AVAIL"]) 
| (,. map(length*"-"))), (.storage_pools[] 
| [.name, .type, .path, .total, used, .available]) | @tsv' \
| column -t