About Ansible

Ansible & MAAS are a power duo for automation. Ansible offers robust automation for deploying and overseeing MAAS setups. With Ansible playbooks, admins set their desired infrastructure state in YAML and execute it across nodes.

Automating MAAS with Ansible playbooks

The MAAS project offers Ansible playbooks for easy setup and management of MAAS components. These playbooks handle tasks like setting up regions, racks, networking, databases, and more. The key benefits?

  • Streamlined MAAS deployment for consistency across environments
  • Playbooks built modularly for customization
  • Manage MAAS setup as code
  • Close integration with MAAS for better automation
  • Scales from small labs to big production setups.

Running MAAS Ansible playbooks

To run MAAS Ansible playbooks, use the ansible-playbook command:

ansible-playbook -i hosts site.yaml --extra-vars "maas_version=$VERSION maas_postgres_password=$PWD"

You can limit playbook sections with Ansible’s --tags parameter.

Boosting MAAS with PostgreSQL HA

The playbooks enable PostgreSQL setup with high availability (HA) and auto-failover. Features include:

  • Corosync setup for cluster messaging
  • Pacemaker configuration for resources
  • PostgreSQL role management and auto-failover
  • HAProxy for PostgreSQL connection handling

This ensures a durable PostgreSQL setup for MAAS, improving uptime.

Monitoring MAAS Using Grafana Agents

The playbooks also support MAAS monitoring. With the observability playbook, admins can:

  • Set up Grafana agents for metrics and logs
  • Monitor metrics for MAAS controllers and PostgreSQL
  • Send MAAS and PostgreSQL logs to Loki
  • Add MAAS alerts to Grafana stacks
  • Check cluster health via Pacemaker and Corosync metrics

This provides insights into MAAS health and performance.

In a nutshell, Ansible enhances MAAS deployment and management. With MAAS Ansible playbooks, admins can create robust, observable MAAS setups efficiently.

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