Hello guys,
I wanted some help to understand if I can have 3 clouds in MAAS. For example, one cloud called prod-maas, another called dev-maas, and a third called test-maas. Would this be a good practice? It makes sense?

Hi @penacleiton

MAAS has a multi-tenancy support which is covered in this blog post.

Can you please tell us a bit more information about your desired setup and level of isolation that you want to achieve?

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Thanks for helping me, @troyanov!
Now I have learned more about this concept of multi-tenancy.
About my inquiry, operating juju clouds, then I would have 3 clouds, one for testing, one for dev and one for production. Now, I see that there could be only two, one for dev and one for production. Thus, thinking about the implementation of CI / CD .
Success and even more.