3.3.0 Release Schedule

Below is our initial plan for releasing MAAS 3.3.0. Beta versions are going to be cut at the end of each Pulse, after the Demo session. The Release Candidates dates are going to be adjusted depending on the ongoing work progress and the tests results.

Version Date Notes
3.3.0-beta1 2022-10-14
3.3.0-beta2 2022-10-24
3.3.0-beta3 2022-11-09
3.3.0-RC1 2022-12-05
3.3.0-RC2 2022-12-09
3.3.0-Final 2022-12-14

With MaaS 3.3.0-RC1 I found the following two bugs:

  • Machines tab in the GUI doesn’t correctly update state as machines get deployed. The machines do not move between categories as their states change. Refreshing the page will update the category that the machine is in.

  • The built-in DNS server stops processing updates after a few days. The state of records in DNS domains as shown under the DNS tab in the GUI will stop being correctly reflected in the actual DNS server after some time. A “snap restart maas” is needed every day to keep DNS operating correctly.

The DNS issue needs to be fixed in a next RC release, the GUI update bug is minor.