24.04 not in MAAS using mass.io despite 24.04 being in stable/amd64


I want to start deploying 24.04 but the 24.04 image not showing up in MAAS using mass.io source despite appearing to be available at https://images.maas.io/ephemeral-v3/stable/noble/amd64/

What else needs to happen before this works, or do I just need to be more patient?


I just checked on one long running instance I have and 24.04 is listed properly without any action from my side.

Maybe you have disabled the automatic sync of the images? If it’s enabled, MAAS should check every hour if there are new images and it make the updates

oh this is freaky. it shows up as “noble” rather than 24.04 while 22.04 and 20.04 show up as 22.04 and 20.04 respectively. I probably totally missed it by not reading the list carefully.

noble amd64 425.9 MB is downloading now. :slight_smile:

to be more specific, 22.04 is listed as “22.04 LTS” while 24.04 is listed as “noble”.

Also, thanks!

This is what I see
Screenshot from 2024-05-09 08-51-37

What MAAS version are you using?