2.8 rc2 bug with updating images for download?

MAAS version: 2.8.0~rc2 (8544-g.1e4503d59)

I’m running a lab MAAS test on Snap 2.8/Edge, the host is an ARM64 SBC Running Raspbian Buster (until Focal supports MSD Boot on RPi). Performance is great so far, however I am unable to change the images selection. If I try to add Focal to the images download, it appears to start syncing it then reverts back to it not being selected a few moments later.

I wonder if this could be an issue with Snapd requiring some additional setup in Raspbian beyond apt install?

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I was able to repro this on a standard x86 Focal VM.

Switching channel to candidate build (2.8.0~rc2-8537-g.5cf0c2320) resolves the issue.

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Thanks for testing edge! We broke image selection in the UI temporarily whilst fixing bug 1877585 edge always risks breakage, and 2.8/candidate is a better channel to track for stability.

There were changes to the websocket API that the UI uses, so we landed changes to the backend first, then the UI. You caught edge at a time with the first change, but not the second!

Thanks for the insight @sparkiegeek, I’m totally comfortable working at the (b)leading edge, it’s been my dayjob for 20 years :slight_smile:. I was posting here as it wasn’t super clear to me if there was already a ticket open for it.

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