[2.5] IPMI / Unknown, when maas-rack-controller is installed in another server

Hey guys,

When I install MaaS 2.5 in the AIO (All-In-One) mode, everything works (almost) fine, like:

apt install maas
maas init
# enable dhcp
# PXE boot good to go and Machine deployment works (both physical and under Pods).

So far, so good!

However, when try ti isolate the Rack Controller in a different server, the IPMI appears as “Unknown”, after enlisting it, like:

# Server A
apt install maas-region-controller
... all good

# Server B
apt install maas-rack-controller
# register Rack against Region (it works, since I can see it under Controllers)

Thing is, here, after first PXE boot, after enlisting a Machine, it’s IMPI is not configured correctly.

If I return the “maas-rack-controller” to “Server A”, everything works again!

Here is the network config:

When it works? AIO:

Server A:

  • - eth0 - untagged maas pxe boot
  • - eth0.2 - tagged VLAN for mgmt

All good!

Trying to isolate Rack Controller… Not so good:

Server A (Region):

  • - eth0.2 - tagged VLAN for mgmt

Server B (Rack):

  • - eth0 - untagged maas pxe boot
  • - eth0.2 - tagged VLAN for mgmt

Then, IPMI doesn’t work…

NOTE: When isolating, Server A doesn’t have any connectivity with the PXE subnet, which also (PXE subnet) doesn’t have a gateway.

Any idea?!