18.04 w/MAAS on KVM, KVM nodes on UEFI cannot boot

I have just started using MAAS and testing on a KVM environment with isolated virtual network connected through NAT to the outside Internet.

MAAS installed fine in a KVM VM and I am able to commission and deploy Ubuntu servers in their own KVM VM’s through BIOS mode.

But when I try to commission a new VM in UEFI mode, it fails to boot. I get a good iPXE sequence but this error message and then it fails through to a shell. I’ve tested this on my Ubuntu 16.04 metal host and my own Mint 18.03 desktop KVM testing environment. Google Fu no help


You are running into LP:1789319. This has been fixed with ipxe-1.0.0+git-20180124.fbe8c52d-0ubuntu2.1 which is only available on Ubuntu 18.04+. You may be able to get it working by manually downloading ipxe-qemu from packages.ubuntu.com however that is unsupported.