Suggestions on how to manually fail a maas deployment

This might be a long shot, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

I’m working on a part of our project where I need to test fail cases of deploying machines. We’re using gomaasapi to interface with maas (currently 2.6.2). Is there any way I could short circuit the deployment of a new machine such that maas’s “Failed deployment” state would trigger?

@snafuxnj, maybe not an option, but could you manually power it off mid-deployment, e.g., physically pull the plug, spitzensparken and all?

Probably not helpful as you are on MAAS 2.6, but maybe useful in the future or to somebody else that finds this post. In MAAS 2.9 a new maas.power CLI command has been added, this allows you to directly interface with the MAAS power drivers. This will likely be a easier way to trigger the powering off that Bill suggested.

I did a show and tell on it back in June when I was working on it; Show and Tell: maas-power: a CLI tool to control power drivers

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totally good idea if I had physical access to the machine. Also, these (lab) machines don’t have IPMI so I can’t issue power off codes remotely. They use AMT, but we don’t have remote access set up to issue commands there either.

I tried screwing around with config parameters after allocating but before deploying to see if i could break deployment. haven’t found a handle yet. the idea, tho, is to get it to allocated, then change something essential for deployment (that MAAS won’t notice) just before deploying. you’ll have to try a few things and see if anything works…

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