Minimum Postgres version for MAAS?


I’m working on documenting some processes to streamline things internally for the BootStack team regarding MAAS upgrades for our managed cloud environments.

Here’s a hopefully quick question. Let’s say I have a MAAS 2.3 install on top of Xenial, and I want to upgrade to MAAS 3.2, and would like to switch to the snap. Are you aware of anything in the newer versions of MAAS which would require a specific minimum version of Postgres? (e.g. would a snap-based MAAS 3.2 on top of Xenial with Postgres 9.5 be possible, or does 3.2 requires something newer?)

Hi @vultaire,

MAAS 3.2 requires Postgresql 12. It always depends on the latest postgres version available in the latest Ubuntu LTS release (v12 on Focal, v14 on Jammy)

We don’t test it with older versions but we had reports of migrations failing due to missing features on version 10, so I don’t expect it to work with version 9.5


Thank you for clarifying!

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