MAAS 2.5.2 released for testing


Hello MAASters!

I’m happy to announce that MAAS 2.5.2 is now available.

PPA’s Availability

MAAS 2.5.2 is currently available for testing in ppa:maas/proposed for Bionic:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas/proposed
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install maas

NOTE: Please note that after one or two weeks, this will replace MAAS 2.5.1 in ppa:maas/stable.

Important annoucements

MAAS 2.5.2 introduces an important fix that address an issue where MAAS would create StaticIPAddress records with a NULL ip address. This was caused by DHCP updates (from a MAAS managed DHCP) not correctly updating the correct DB record, and instead, creating these new StaticIPAddress records.

As part of the fixes, a migration has been introduced to clean-up these NULL records to increase performance. If you encounter an issue in the upgrade process, please do file a bug report and comment on this post to investigate.

Relevant bug reports are: #1816452, #1817056 and #1817305.

Issue fixed in this release

LP bug Description
#1815091 restore-storage-configuration fails when a raid device is part of a bcache
#1816452 [2.5, websockets, performance] Loading network related page, such as ‘interfaces’ or ‘add device’ takes too long
#1817056 [2.5] StaticIPAddress records with NULL ip keeps adding up
#1818132 [2.6, master] Upgrading fails 0182_remove_duplicate_null_ips migration
#1809321 [2.5, snap] No support for ‘config --database-port’ in the snap
#1811389 [2.5, UI] Setting resource pool for a pod doesn’t work
#1811662 [2.5, UI] Pod core counts are inconsistent
#1814126 [2.5, UI, regression] Cannot update the domain of a controller over the ui
#1814623 Redfish power type single machines should not need power parameter ‘node_id’
#1817305 Remove duplicate null ip records for the same interface and subnet
#1707562 [2.2] no way to specify testing_scripts on machine creation
#1816651 Exception: get() returned more than one StaticIPAddress – it returned 2!

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