Is the RHEL 7 Packer Template for MAAS supposed to work out of the box?

As a test, the only change that I made was to add a --proxy <proxy server> to the kickstart file on the cloud-init repo line.
I built the image with packer, then loaded it from the command line.

Deployed a physical server with a static ip – this failed.
Deployed a physical server with a maas domain and an assigned ip on the maas controlled dhcp network – this succeeded.
Deployed a physical server with a non-dhcp network, but an assigned ip… this failed.

Initial thoughts?
Pointers for troubleshooting?

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Note, with the provided CentOS 7 image, I have no issues with statically assigned IP addresses.

I noticed that the MAAS provided CentOS7 image was based on 7.6.
So I built a RHEL7.6 image… same failures.

Ah, after additional testing, we appear to be failing for any servers that have VLAN tagging defined.
I can install to untagged networks:

  • with dhcp
  • with auto assignment
  • with static assignment

That led me to check the CentOS7 image (from a little closer. In /root/original-ks.cfg from image… it appears to be significantly different than the kickstart from the default CentOS image via packer-maas.

Will investigate the deltas and update the thread.

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Thanks for your diligence, @jeffkight.


Note the packer-maas templates are not used to create the images on, we will be looking to unify them, but aren’t there yet.