IPV6 and SMBIOS Type 42

I finally got Dell to implement SMBIOS Type 42 and this will be coming out in a future release of Dell firmware. However, since MAAS uses this to determine the viability of Redfish during discovery, I want to know what Mfg has that implements it in the way that MAAS can use it. I have both Dell and HPE and neither do? What do you expect to get from Type 42? The IP that Dell returns is for an internal USB nic that is not accessible via the machine so I would still need to override this in MAAS.

Hi @dweeks75080

Here is an example of SMBIOS data taken from a real machine.

During Redfish detection we simply read Protocol ID: 04 (Redfish over IP) data and use that information to configure network interface, so MAAS can call Redfish.

Hi Troyanov,

Thanks. That looks like what Dell returns now. What machine was that taken from?

I don’t have access anymore to the machine I took that example output from, but I think it was a Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 V2.

And it’s correct that it should reference the internal NIC that’s not accessible from the outside. When reading that information MAAS is already inside the system in an ephemeral environment. It will connect to redfish from inside the system, and then get the external IP from Redfish itself.

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