Installing Workstations with MAAS?

I haven’t used MAAS yet, therefore a newbie question:

In all the docs I didn’t find a statement about whether MAAS installs the server version of Ubuntu only, or also offers the Desktop versions (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu) and can be used to install some human workplaces.

Of course, it would be possible to turn a server into a desktop by installing the required packages afterwards, but this is somewhat odd.


Since you can deploy custom images, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Mmmh, when trying to add
as a custom image source I do get the error message

Error:Unable to open mirrors=[]

Seems to require some REST API url.

And I dont think that these ISO images are suitable for automatic installation, they’re made for manual installation.

All images that Canonical provide are server images which do not include a graphical environment. You can create a custom Ubuntu image however I would suggest using cloud-init user_data to perform a desktop install. This will allow you to install the latest supported Ubuntu image without having to maintain a separate image. On first boot when cloud-init runs it will install the ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop, or xubuntu-desktop metadata package which should pull in all desktop packages.

  - ubuntu-desktop
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thanks for this, @ltrager; will pull this into the cloud-init doc, as well.

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