How to use the MAAS Discourse forum

Much of the interaction with the MAAS community takes place via our Discourse forum. This article will help you better navigate that forum.

Discourse categories

Our Discourse forum is divided into a number of public categories:

  • The discourse category is a default category provided by the forum tool. While it sometimes captures posts, it is largely unmonitored and may or may not get you a response within a reasonable time-frame.

  • The docs category is where our documentation lives. If you want to edit or comment on documentation, this is the place to do that.

  • The news category is generally confined release announcements and deprecation notices.

  • The users category is where all the action takes place. This is where you can post (or answer) questions. This category is monitored by the MAAS developer on duty each week. We try very hard to minimize the number of posts waiting on answers from us, aiming for that value to be less than 5% of total posts.

  • The integration category isn’t routinely used much any more, so it’s advisable to post these questions in “Users” instead. We may get back to it someday, though.

  • The development category is intended to be for roadmap and architecture discussions, and is also where we publish our Show and Tell articles.

  • The tutorials category is a place to see various MAAS tutorials. Some of these tutorials are available elsewhere (e.g., from the MAAS documentation.

  • The deprecations category is strictly for notices and discussions about deprecated features.

  • The performance category is for notices and discussion about MAAS performance issues.

User permissions and progression

As a first-time user, you may not immediately have permission to post or comment. You may continue to review posts until you gain these permissions, or you may message one of the admins by clicking on their picture and then choosing “Message” if you feel you need elevated permissions.

Also please do be sure to review our FAQ and Terms of Service.

How to post and comment

It’s easy to create new posts, and comment on existing posts.

How to create a new post

To create a new post:

  1. Go to our Discourse forum

  2. Select a category from the all categories drop-down at the top.

  3. Select +New topic at the top right.

  4. Enter a title where it says, Type title,….

  5. Tab down to Type here. Use markdown….

  6. Enter your post. You will need to type at least 20 characters, which is not difficult for most posts.

  7. Select Create topic (or Cancel if you change your mind).

How to comment on an existing post

To comment on an existing post:

  1. Open the post by clicking on its title in the digest page. You should be brought to the bottom of the post.

  2. Select Reply.

  3. Enter your comments where it says, Type here….

  4. Select Reply (or Cancel if you changed your mind).