How to install MAAS

It seems to have worked for me by just eliminating the entire offending argument. Like this…

sudo maas init region+rack --database-uri “postgres://$MAAS_DBUSER:$MAAS_DBPASS@$HOSTNAME/$MAAS_DBNAME”

Whether this leaves MAAS unlinked to a DB, I’m not sure but I was able to login to the web gui. The command without the argument will automatically run through the admincreate script, unless switched off. I also noticed when trying to install 3.4 from deb, there is no command in the man pages for the offending argument. When I attempted to use the db name “maasdb” it errored out and said it already existed on a fresh attempt. Does 3.4 autocreate the postgresql during apt install of MAAS? I’m currently testing how it works if I manually upgrade postgresql to v14 and pre-create the DB. I’m hoping the MAAS install sees it and uses it by default with the db name “maasdb.”