How to get started with MAAS

Getting started with MAAS doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide will overview several straightforward options for setting up a MAAS environment quickly.


MAAS can be installed via:

  • Snaps - Self-contained packages that are fast and easy for proof-of-concept and production deployments.

  • Apt (Debian packages) - Tightly integrated with Ubuntu and recommended for older production installations.

Either way, the installation process is simple and user-friendly, taking just a few minutes. Follow our step-by-step Installation Guide to get up and running.


If you already have an older MAAS deployment, upgrading to the latest version is seamless. There’s no complicated migration process - simply follow our Upgrade guide to update quickly and easily.

Ansible Automation

For hands-off MAAS installation, we provide Ansible playbooks that automate the entire setup process. With Ansible, you get a production-ready MAAS environment without any manual configuration.

Get started today

With these straightforward options for new installation, upgrading, and full automation, there’s no reason not to get started with MAAS today. Choose the path that suits you best and begin leveraging the power of MAAS in no time.

Don’t wait - install or upgrade MAAS now and experience the benefits first-hand. Check out the rest of our documentation to learn how to manage and optimize your new MAAS environment. Let’s get started!

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