How to deploy core OS and OCP 4.3?

I have been using MAAS (and Juju) to manage my testbeds for a couple of years now (I still have a MAAS server running 2.3), and so I have become quite familiar with Ubuntu and MAAS. Now I have been asked to set up OCP 4.3 on bare metal, which runs on RHCOS (Core OS). I know I could follow all of the steps in the OCP install guide, but since MAAS already knows about my hardware and networks, I was hoping to use MAAS to deploy coreOS and then just layer OCP 4.3 on top.

Can MAAS deploy Core OS?

related question – I am reluctant to touch my MAAS 2.3 server because it is managing most of my lab
(~100 machines, 2700 Cores, 11 TB RAM). Can I clone my MAAS 2.3 server and then upgrade it to 2.8? Or can I build a MAAS 2.8 server and then transfer my config from the MAAS 2.3 server?