Cannot re-use static IP address bug is STILL a problem in 2.9.2 (current stable)

This is an old bug which was allegedly fixed for maas 2.5 however it STILL EXISTS in 2.9.2. Thje DB entry had a lease time of 0, and the only way I could deply the machine was to manuall delete the DB entries (via the procedure in the bug regport) and then I could assign it statically to the host and deploy it…

Sounds similar to which is reportedly fixed in the next 2.9 or 3.0 releases, any time soon now hopefully:
Auto assign IP not working

@dandruczyk, did this get fixed in the meantime, or still an issue?

I managed to fix it via manipulation the database directly based on previous. If reports. It hasn’t happened yet abd I’m still on 2.9.2.

well, glad you worked around it. marking this as a solution, but if you feel there’s a feature or bug involved, please feel free to submit or pile onto the existing bug if you haven’t already.

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