Adding power control


I have a embedded computer which lacks a remote “power on/off” network interface. (Needed for maas to be able to power it on/off)

The computers power is controlled by short-circuting a jumper on the power-supply unit which turns the unit on.

My question is if you know of a means to add a secondary device that will be able to control the circuit. Very much like a simple network attached relay.

(I’m also trying to communicate with the supplyer, but I thought to ask here aswell.)

Hi Erik, did you consider to buy a rack PDU like APC AP7900B? MaaS supports the APC device to power on/off so the APC device could power on/off your embedded computer if your embedded computer could power on immediately right after power resume.

Or, you may search for wake-on-Lan patch[1] for MaaS and imitate how the patch was implemented[2], and then create your own customized power control device of your MaaS.

[1] The wake-on-Lan feature was removed since MaaS 2.0. The reason is shown here
[2] For example, . The patch may or may not work. It depends on your MaaS version.


This is great advice and its definetly a way forward for me. I wonder if you know of a smaller device to power-control only a smaller device? After all, this is an “embedded” device and the PDU here will be tripple the size ot the rest of the system itself.

Thank you so much!

hi tail, I’ve to try to use that on last release of Maas. I’ve tried to use this patch on Maas 2.5 but nothing. I’ve received this issue.

If you don’t like the size of PDU, you may consider to make a simple one on your own. A common solution is Python + raspberry PI to control a relay over GPIO. The relay could power on/off for your embedded device.

You could still need to implement a patch to add a power control component to your MaaS. Good luck!

Hi I didn’t make any patch work on MaaS v2.5 (yet). I am glad to share my experience if I make it someday in the future.